Invest in America: Why Investing in Real Estate Now is A Good Idea for your retirement

We have all been given the scare of our lifetime when recession hit a few years back. No one dared to invest in real estate as it has become a shaky and unstable investment. Values of homes may drop at any time and you will be left with a great liability instead of an investment. Now that the world has recovered to the economic trial that we have been in, the future of the real estate industry seems to be brighter than ever. Realestate if held for decades could be your own little oil well during retirement and help pay for higher medical bills, medications, make up for lost income and take the place of long term care insurance if either you or your spouse has a medical issue making you uninsurable. Even wealthy Americans might not be prepared for retirement and the potential long term care risk could have on their independence.

Experts recommend investing in real estate to help fund your retirement now but before you pool all your money in this thriving industry, you may wish to know what makes investing in real estate now is a good idea. Well, here are some great reasons:

1.)Low Mortgage Interest Rates
After the recession and now that the economy is getting back in shape, the prices of mortgage rates are lower now more than ever. You must certainly take advantage of this as it may go up at anytime. If you have the money to invest now, then by all means, do so!

2.) High Amount of Foreclosures
When recession hit and the mortgage interest rates went down, the people went crazy in buying homes, even if they cannot afford it. Now that their mistake has caught up on them, most of their properties have been foreclosed and are now being sold at a price lower than its value. Now you can buy valuable properties without having to pay the price.
3.) Low Estate Prices
All over the world, the prices of real estate are quite cheap today. If you are planning to invest in real estate it is highly suggested that you choose a great location, such as the Boca Raton Real Estate. Also, make sure that you buy a great property at a reasonable price.
4.) Great Income Generating Opportunity
Whether you would live in your newly purchased house or not, it can certainly generate income for you. Since most people would prefer renting over owning a home, you will never run out of clients who wish to rent your property. You can use that extra income during retirement to help pay the assisted living facility bill if either you or your spouse develops Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is a devestating disease and the State of Texas now has one of the highest Alzheimer’s rates in the country.  Having a balanced portfolio could help level that risk.
5.) Real Estate is also a Great way to hedge your Long-Term Care risk.
Regardless if the economy is in a good condition or not, real estate is always a great investment. This is an investment that keeps on giving after decades. If there the best time to invest, it is now and you should not let go of such an amazing opportunity. An over looked benefit of own real-estate such as an investment property is the residual income it can bring you during retirement. The property typically is paid off well before you are retired so if either you or your spouse ever need long term care, the income can be used to pay the nursing home bill which can run $80,000 per year. Buying Long Term Care insurance in addition to owning the real-estate might be wise depending whether or not the property’s rental income is enough to pay for long term care bill.  The Long Term Care Insurance can also help protect your real estate from the Medicaid Spend down requirements.

If you are now convinced that it is the time for you to invest in real estate to ensure a comfortable retirement, then it is recommended that you take a look at some of the best real estate deals out there that can generate that monthly cash you’ll need to pay the long term care insurance bill. Make sure that you do thorough research before shelling out money in your chosen real estate. In this way, you can make the most out of your investment and get one that cash-flows.

The War of 1812: A Summary


Many people have debated about what the various reasons were for the cause of the War of 1812. The war of 1812 as it is popularly called was a military conflict which lasted for around 2.5 years. This conflict took place between Ireland, UK, US, its North American colonies and its American allies.

While the war did resolve many issues which remained from the American war of Revolution, it did not result in any changes in the borders.

The USA started the war on the 18th of June in 1812. A few of the reasons for this were as follows:

1) Restrictions in trade that had come about due to the war between France and the British
2) Forceful recruitment of merchant sailors of American origin into the Royal Navy
3) When America was expanding, the British supported the Indian tribes against them

Before the war actually broke out, there were several discussions and disputes amongst the diplomats and clergy of both the countries. Hence, it was not that the war was completely unexpected or unforeseen. Still, when the war started, both the participating sides were clearly not prepared. In the case of Britain, a large chunk of its army were deployed in the war happening in Spain and Portugal. Also, the Navy was made to block a large part of the European coast.

In the case of USA, their regular force consisted of less than 12,000 personnel. While the Congress had put in efforts behind expanding the army, this was made voluntary. It was not popular and the posting did not pay well. Also, the skills and expertise of the people available was limited. Added to this was the fact that the people did not want to go and serve out of their homeland. There was a lack of order and discipline and on the whole the performance was very pitiful. Many of the people who were against the war were loud and vocal about it.

The War of 1812 raged in 3 different arenas.

1) At Sea – Here the battle ships of either parties of the war waged an attack on the other parties’ ships. The Atlantic coast was blocked by the British to prevent the access of US. Multiple raids were carried out.

2) On land & water – The war was fought on the Canadian-American territory which included the border of water bodies like the river of Saint Lawrence, Great Lakes, Champlain Lake Etc.

3) On land – In the battle here the Indian allies of the British were defeated by the US forces.

Post this, Britain and France became allies in 1814. The different restrictions on trade were removed off by Britain. They also stopped forcing the American sailors to join their Navy. This resulted in the end of 2 major reasons of the US to go to war. Post this, it turned out that both the sides had no reason to go to war with each other.

Hence the war ended. On the 24th of December, 1814, the Treaty of Ghent was signed by both the parties. This essentially was a treaty of peace. It aided in the start of amicable relations between Britain and the US which lasted for a long time.

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